Designing my living room

March 26, 2015

I’ve been seeing so many cool mood boards on pinterest, I decided to make one of my own for my new living room. It’s all in my head, anyway, and as it turns it out made me really question some of my choices and search out new cool items to balance out my design and my color scheme.

Here are a few references for where I found stuff. However…some of these items I will need to source at thrift stores, craiglist, ebay, so I won’t have links for those. More to come….

Aztec Pillow

Aztec Pillow Cover 2

Also not pictured, but in love with this mid century inspired pillow cover

Mint Tray

Aztec Colorful Rug

Here is a starburst mirror at Home Depot, of all places!

If you’re loving the gold shelves…..well….those are $4200, but stay tuned, I may just have to find some to paint, or an ikea hack


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