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Recovered Stool

March 8, 2015

We live near a university, so right before the school year starts, tons of the college students are moving, and they have a habit of leaving their discarded items on the sidewalk. Which I love. Most of the stuff is crap, but Ive found several awesome items this way. The other day, I found this awesome mid-century stool that needed a bit of love.

I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for as far as fabric, but the other day at goodwill I found the perfect pattern – on a sweater. Why not?!

Here’s how I did it. I wish I had a before pic, but I forgot to take one.

Step 1: rRmove legs using a screwdriver


Step 2: Peel off backer. This was attached by a few staples and the screws, so it easily pulled off.

Step 3: Wrap stool top with fabric. I decided to leave the existing fabric under this one, because it was essentially keeping the stool together. However, in some cases you may want to remove it. Since I was using a sweater, I just basically dressed the stool top with it, LOL.

Step 4: Start stapling. I used a staple gun to staple the top and bottom first. Then I folded in each side, pulled them tight, and stapled those.


Step 5: Remove excess fabric. I cut off the entire underside of the fabric, leaving just a bit folded over under the stool.


Step 6: Replace the backer. I used the original backer to cover the back and hide the messy fabric edged. I just used the staple gun to attach it, making sure to avoid where the legs will be re-attached.

Step 7: Re-attach legs. The same way they came off! With a screwdriver.



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