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Chair Reveal

April 16, 2015

OH BOY. Where do I start.

First, let me say I love how this turned out. But it took me several tries to get something I liked.

First, I painted the base black with the intentions of a cowhide pattern or light leather for the sling.


Hated it. It looked like something super cheaply made. It just didn’t work. So I decided chrome was the way to go.


Ugh. Hated it even more. The can of spray paint clearly looked like a nice sleek reflective chrome. NOPE, this is a gross, glittery ugly silver. Not what I wanted.

So, I went back to Pinterest for inspiration….and found this gem.


I went and got some spraypaint at home depot and tan pleather from JoAnn Fabric. It’s not the same chair, but it inspired me by giving me a color scheme.

OK mine isn’t quite this cool, BUT I am considering buying some leather string to wrap the arms, that is so awesome. All in all, I love it.


-$6 spray paint

-$28 pleather fabric

-$3 chair

= $37

IMG_3016 copy

Also, you get to see a preview of my very bright coral wall in my new office space. Exciting things to come 😀



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