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Making a bathroom out of a storage room – Little Bear Lodge

October 20, 2015

So far Little Bear Lodge has been quite an experience. We knew about surface level renovations, even plumbing and electrical. We did NOT have experience with having no water, no septic, and no electrical. When we purchased Little Bear Lodge, it was what they call “off-grid.” They were using a small solar panel for limited electricity, and a solar shower AKA a bag that you fill with rainwater and let sit in the sun for awhile until it gets luke-warm.

Anyways, the cabin itself was wonderful, and newer, and we couldn’t argue with the 8 acres it came with. So we decided to go for it, figuring in estimates for septic, plumbing, electrical, heat, etc.

So far we have an LP tank to heat a gas stove throughout the winter, and we have a well, which means – WE HAVE WATER!!! I never thought I’d be so excited about a giant tube in the ground that spits out water.

Time to build a bathroom out of storage room. Here is what it currently looks like.  This is after the well was installed.

bath1 2 3

It’s going to be tight, and we only have room for a stand up shower, but do-able. The plumber is going to run the drain lines this week, and the electrician is coming to wire the lighting, then we will run supply lines and start putting it all together.

On to the fun stuff – this is what I want to do for finishings. Most excited about the barnwood accent wall and corrugated shower walls. 😀



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