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Selling the house…moving to the cabin

April 26, 2016

We’ve decided to make another crazy move. 

I think we’ve stopped shocking people when we say we’re moving again. Lately we’ve been feeling like we spend so much money and time just to maintain our house, and although we really love it (and basically just finally finished renovating is) is that really what we want in our life? The answer, we realized, was no – we want to travel, make other investments, and have more time to do what we love. Since the market in Minneapolis has been sooo insane lately we figured we could get top dollar for our house. We weren’t overly optimistic, but with 25 showings the first day and 3 offers the next day, it became pretty clear we were moving….soon. Without a clear plan for the future, we decided to live in one of Eric’s rental properties until we figured it out. So that’s where we are at now. As much as I miss my house, I’m not really any LESS happy in a smaller, more modest place, and now my financing is freed up to do…….kind of whatever we want. I LOVE FREEDOM!  Anyways, our house is now pending and we got a whopping 20k over list price. Couldn’t argue with that! Farewell rooftop deck, I’ll miss you.

Here is our house listing and a few pics, in case you’re curious.

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5 pic6

Buying a second VRBO cabin rental….and living there for the summer. Because, why not?

The plan evolves. Originally we wanted to buy a smaller, more manageable house in Minneapolis or St Paul. In true “us” fashion we decided to up our WTF factor (as we call it AKA the typical reaction when we try to explain our plan to people) and do something totally random instead. Since the first cabin rental in Turtle Lake, WI is exceeding our expectations, why not buy another and move there while we renovate it and get it ready to rent. I love cabins! Especially in the summer! Now that we both have flexible jobs, it seems like the logical next step….right?

More to come on this, but we are doing a rehab loan to get the cabin renovated. This means that we budget for the renovations needed, and in this case it’s a matter of taking it from a 3 season to a 4 season. This means some new windows, a furnace, and some insulation- for the big ticket items.

Here are some pics, we couldn’t be more excited to look at that view every morning!

cabin1 2 3 5

That’s all for now – we are working on the rehab loan and also closing on the old house tomorrow. Can’t wait to relax on that deck once this is all figured out!




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