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Sign on the dotted line…..800,000,000 times

April 28, 2016

Today was my pre-signing for our Roseville house closing. We decided to set up a pre-sign because I have a conflict on the house closing day. Normally, I’d go, but I was able to do this work around and assign my realtor as power of attorney instead. This means he will basically show up to closing in my place, and sign anything that was missed in the pre-sign if needed. House closings are not the worst thing in the world – usually there is good coffee, cookies, and some form of candy. They also always have some sort of cheesy branded souvenirs for you to take with you. Today I got glasses cleaner. Last time was an ice scraper. Wooohoooo!

Anyways, outside of that it’s a whole lot of “reading” and signing. I say “reading” because unless you’re crazy, you’re going to be basically skimming and signing. You are assigned a closing agent a week or so prior to closing, and they are in charge of getting your documents ready and walking you through them at the closing. You’ll receive your closing statement prior to closing, typically the day before, so you have time to review it as well. The biggest thing to review is the numbers. Making sure the water bill, property taxes, closing fees, etc are in line. You’re transitioning your property over, so everything is prorated. Keep that in mind especially if you’re selling, because you can get a refund! Don’t hesitate to ask questions, it’s their job to explain how this works. I’m not a spreadsheet person, so I usually sit down with Eric prior to closing and make him run through it with me, but your closing agent can do the same thing.

They almost always have everything right, but don’t zone out TOO much during all of the signatures. Today we caught an error- they didn’t have that there was a sealed well on our property. Whether this would ever matter or not, who knows, but it’s good to have it right so it doesn’t come back to bite you later.

800,000,000 signatures later, the Roseville house is sold. I won’t actually get the funds until the official closing on Friday, but it’s basically a done deal. It’s a relief to be all moved out and done with it! Eric bought us champagne to celebrate, so I’m currently drinking a grapefruit mimosa 😀

That’s all for now!


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