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Cabin Projects – Upstairs Floor

August 15, 2016

It’s been awhile! We’ve been busy renovating the new cabin. So far we’ve:
1. ripped out all of the carpet in the 2 upstairs bedrooms and laid pine flooring (that’s what I’ll cover in this post)
2. ripped up the living and dining room carpet and laid pine flooring
3. laid new flooring in the bathroom and built and installed a new vanity. also replaced bathroom mirror and light fixture.

We’ve also done some landscaping including taking out some trees and cleaned up the yard.

Here are some photos of the first big project we did, the upstairs floor.

Upstairs bedrooms: We used pine construction lumber for the floors. Yes, I realize how many people would frown on this because pine is a “soft wood” and will easily get beat up. I called many places asking for pine flooring and got lots of lectures. I actually started lying and just saying I wanted it for my walls. The reality is, we can’t afford a better wood AND I wanted the wood to look old, so I’m okay with it getting beat up and re-staining it someday. Also, the next cheapest real wood floor product I found was over $3.50/sq ft just for the wood– and I didn’t even like them. These floors cost about $1.4o/sq ft finished, including stain, finish coat, and the nails. The plan was to sand the edges and beat up the floors as we put them in so they look rustic. We used 1 x 6 “quality” boards, which is sort of like the middle grade of lumber, which means they’ve done some intentional selection and the boards are (hopefully) not extremely warped and don’t have huge knots or blemishes. However, that isn’t really the case. I went through the entire pile they had at Menard’s hand selecting which ones to buy, judging by the look of the board, checking for warping, and large blemishes or cracks.

2016-07-08 21.06.18


So we started installing. I laid out a few rows just to see what it would look like. When installing, we went with a random pattern, so I just made sure that it looked staggered and cut each row to fit. We decided to face nail the boards using “cut nails” to add to the rustic look and also to attach them.

2016-07-08 16.36.38

Making progress while Roscoe naps…

2016-07-11 19.54.29

2016-07-08 16.37.00

2016-07-11 19.54.40

There were a few tricky cuts we needed the jigsaw for, but for the most part it was just straight cuts. By some miracle, both rooms ended on a full width board, so we didn’t need to rip any pieces down length wise to fit.

2016-07-11 19.11.53

2016-07-11 19.36.00

Next: time to beat up the floor. We used a sock full of nuts and bolts and also threw rocks and a pipe wrench around to make dents and marks in the floor.

2016-07-11 20.02.37

Time to stain! We used Ipswitch Pine stain, to blend with the walls. I love a darker floor, but having had one prior, they always look SO dirty, so I went with a medium darkness this time. 2016-07-11 21.08.30

2016-07-11 21.05.07

2016-07-11 21.04.40

2016-07-11 20.14.53

All done! I love how they turned out. I’ll post some pics once we get the rooms all decorated and put back together, but here they are for now!

2016-07-17 22.38.01 2016-07-17 22.37.06 2016-07-17 22.36.53












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