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October 28, 2016

The last property we purchased in the college rental area is a duplex. This was by far our biggest project and by far the most rough property we’ve tackled.

Last summer we took on two big projects – the upper unit and the exterior.

We’ve been sort of putting off the lower unit because a. its in seriously rough shape and we just didnt have the energy and b. we had an awesome, super laid back tenant who we really didn’t want to kick out.

Anyway, with the cabinets literally falling off the wall, the bathroom ceiling caving in, and the nastiest carpet I’ve ever seen, it was time. Our tenant was awesome about it and understood that the unit needed work, so he gracefully agreed to leave after 60 days (per lease terms.)


The kitchen had some real ugly wall covering over the plaster that we ripped off. Some of the plaster came with it, which will need to be patched and skimcoated.

img_0003 img_0004 img_0005 img_0006 The front porch = our current dumpster until we get one.img_0008


img_0009 img_0010


Here we go! So far, we’ve ripped up all the carpet and sheet vinyl only to find beautiful wood floors throughout the unit. This is a huge win, except that we now have to spend hours… days pulling up the tiny staples from the floor before we can refinish it. Not complaining, just not looking forward to it. The only other thing we are salvaging is the beautiful built-ins from the kitchen. The kitchen is admittedly going to be a little awkward, but I really can’t see getting rid of them.


More to come soon! We are pulling staples all weekend (FUN!) and then we are getting estimates on fixing the walls, refinishing the hardwood, and paint.


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