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November 1, 2016

^^ Here’s some of my plan/inspiration, most of which we are still in the process of executing right now!

It’s starting to come along! We got all the demo done, and the dining and living room painted. I also painted all of the trim because it was in super rough shape. I’m usually not a fan of painting the old beautiful trim, but this would’ve been way too difficult to refinish. Also, I’m doing sort of a modern meets old school. I wanted white walls and white trim. The doors are going to be a charcoal grey, and I’m adding in a pop of color on one door.





We are getting some estimates on refinishing the hardwoods and fixing the drywall where needed. Depending on how they come back, we may do one or both ourselves to stay within budget.

There are some spots we definitely need to patch the wood, so we went to Bauer Brothers salvage store in NE mpls to get some matching old maple. If you haven’t been, BB is a giant, multi floor warehouse FULL of old shit. Doors, sinks, radiators, woodwork, chandelier, etc. it’s awesome, but also very overwhelming. Definitely going to patch the wood floor before it all gets refinished, so it should blend okay.


imageimageWhile at BB, I also spotted a 28″ door to snag for the bathroom. The old door was broken and we wanted to flip the hinge. Since old houses have weird door sizes, sometimes a salvage door is the only inexpensive way to get the right size.

Last stop of the day was Home Depot for one slab door to use for my slider. I would’ve gotten a salvage one from BB, but I couldn’t find the right size for a reasonable price.

More to come soon!


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