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Teal Sliding Door

November 23, 2016

The duplex lower unit is coming along slowly but surely. We’ve been spending time between the duplex and the cabin, working on both, so its not coming together as quickly as we’d like – but we’re working on our patience. This past weekend was a ton of work, mainly spent replacing a very rotten subfloor in part of the kitchen, but we also had some fun parts – like installing this teal sliding door. This was not an easy one to convince Eric to do, he thought I was a crazy person when I told him that I wanted one bright teal door in a house of all white and grey. Now that its up, I caught him taking pictures and snaps, so I’m pretty sure he’s on board.

So this is the door to one of the two bedrooms in the unit. The old door was broken in two places, so it needed to be replaced. Since homes built in the early 1900s dont make it easy to just swap things out due to odd shapes and sizes, I decided to get creative. I’ve learned that finding a “standard” sized door in an old house is highly unlikely. Rather than cutting into the plaster and reframing a new door, I thought we’d try a sliding door. Eric found this awesomely inexpensive (yet good quality) track on Amazon for only 60$. Using a sliding door also just meant that as long as the door slab is a decent amount larger than the opening, there wouldn’t be any cutting needed. We went with an inexpensive pine slab door right off the shelf from Menards. I was tempted to get a custom order door with a more modern shape for just a bit more, but this was in stock so we went with it.

I used a brush and a 4″ roller to paint the door teal. I like to use brushes to get in the crevices but rollers are much easier for getting an even coat. To me it seems like the brush just moves the paint around and doesn’t cover as well. Since it was nice out I set up in the back yard.


Next step was to hang the track. Since we were hanging it on plaster and wanted to make sure it had enough support, we ended up adding a 1″ thick piece of pine that we screwed to the wall to hang the track on. I just painted it white to match the wall so it would blend in. This step was surprisingly easy, and we did it after a couple glasses of wine, so trust me- it couldn’t have been that hard.



The directions told us the height to hang the track, which was just under 2 inches above the height of the door. Then we attached the brackets to the door, and added the stoppers to each end so the door doesn’t go off the track. The last thing was just adding a handle. This doesn’t come in most kits, so I just found one at Home Depot that is often used on fence doors, and it works great!


Here is it! Ignore the gross dirty floors which I can’t WAIT to refinish. My pup refused to get out of the photo, and, well he’s adorable so you get him and the door. I love how it turned out and it slides really nicely and feels sturdy. Plus we already had a possible future tenant tour the place and they were so excited about the door and how the style was coming together, so I feel at least a little validated in my crazy design choices!


In case you missed it here was my brief inspiration board for the unit.


This week we are taking time to relax, take care of ourselves, indulge in way too much thanksgiving food, and spend time with our lovely families. Back to work next week. We are almost ready to sand the floors, which I’m dying to do. We’ve been sleeping in the dirty back bedroom, which really makes you appreciate the simple things like COUCHES! For real, I can’t WAIT to have a couch there. The bathroom is also almost done, more to come soon 🙂


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