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Kitchen Formation – Yes, Cabinet Pulls are a Big Deal

December 7, 2016

Hello friends,

Last night we put the final coat of poly on the kitchen floors, in preparation for putting the kitchen together today. So far, so good. We bought some white shaker cabinets a few weeks ago at Builder’s Material Outlet in Eagan, MN. They were left over from a job, so they were super affordable. Since we just needed a few pieces, this worked out great to save some money. We spent about $600 on cabinets, and I’m going to piece in some open shelving as well to save money and make the kitchen feel more open.

Anyways, we are just starting to put some of the cabinets in. This is one of those jobs that would be a hell of a lot easier in a new house with square floors and walls, but this is not a quick or easy project. Here’s a glimpse of the kitchen so far!

2016-12-07-17-25-31 2016-12-07-17-25-36 2016-12-07-17-25-47

Here’s a reminder of where the kitchen started.

Last time I was at Home Depot I picked up some cabinet pull options for the kitchen. Today I tried them out just to make sure I don’t need to order something different online. Well, I’m not a huge fan of any of these. Originally I was going for a sort of transitional look that embraced the vintage look of the unit. Well, it turned out more modern than I originally anticipated, so I think I need to look at some online options. My strategy for cabinet pulls is: buy a bunch and try them to see what works.

Here are some of the ones I bought from HD. I think the gold petal ones are actually super cool, just too girly for Eric and not the right look for this house.

2016-12-07-16-44-31 2016-12-07-16-44-272016-12-07-16-44-54 2016-12-07-16-45-042016-12-07-16-46-03 2016-12-07-16-46-07 2016-12-07-16-47-05 2016-12-07-16-47-11


Anyways, back to the drawing board with pulls. I’m off to Pinterest to find some inspiration. So far, loving these options:

Matte black SQ1 cabinet pulls pulls1 pulls3pulls4


UPDATE: Just ordered these bad boys and I’m super excited because they are also super affordable!


More updates coming soon!

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