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Upper Duplex Unit Reveal!

March 15, 2018

Upper Duplex Unit Reveal!

We officially wrapped up the upper duplex unit AND got it rented! Our new tenants, who are wonderful by the way, move in in 2 days.

Just to recap, since we bought this duplex right before our wedding and honeymoon, this became a long and drawn out project. I guess you could say we were a little distracted preparing for our destination wedding and packing for a New Zealand adventure honeymoon. We didn’t accomplish a ton that month, but luckily we returned from our honeymoon rested and ready to work. (UGH, take me back!!)

While we went away to get married, we had electricians and dry-wallers working away. As soon as we returned we got back to work tiling, refinishing the floors, hanging cabinets, and painting……oh so much painting.

We wrapped up all the projects and had a professional cleaning crew come through the unit. Then I decided to make a big mess again by doing some minor staging of the unit (Roscoe helped.) One perk of having pups is they come over to all our reno projects and keep us company. One downfall is… hair everywhere. I used my new Dirt Devil to clean up after Roscoe and me.

The detachable wand is EVERYTHING by the way. I was able to get all the spider webs and dog hair out of the beautiful sunroom windows.

Here are some photos of the finished product. Can’t wait to start on the lower unit in a few days!


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