About Us

Steph is web designer by day, and DIY-er/wannabe interior decorator/project junkie by night. She loves everything patterns, colors, textures, etc. She has the vision for most of their projects, and let’s Eric do some of the heavy lifting and calculations (but isn’t afraid to use a drill or a saw.) Visit Steph’s Design Site

Eric is a financial analyst by day, and an entrepreneur and handy man by night. He is always coming up with new business ventures and his hands are always beat up from the latest project. He takes Steph’s ideas and “design” language (i.e. let’s put a bracket-y thing and make a shelf) and makes them a reality. His favorite store is Menard’s (not kidding.)

So, where does the name come from?

Steph design’s for Eric to build (for the most part.) And, well, there’s two of us. You get it.

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