Lately we’ve been getting more and more questions of individuals asking to hire us to help design their spaces. From picking furniture to picking tile, Steph offers a range of services to help you design a beautiful space within your budget.

What will I get?

Generally, I will provide a “vision board” showing you all of the different finishings for your space. Of course, this is all subject to your feedback. I will also provide a spreadsheet of the materials needed, including quantities and price. We will work together to finalize your design, and I can either hand over the ordering information, or order the materials for you.

What does it cost?

Because every project is different, I will meet with you for an initial consultation and provide you with a quote for my design services based on your specific needs.

What can you help me pick out?

Tell me what you need. Paint colors, tile, faucets, wood stain, furniture, appliances, brick, flooring, you name it. Anything that is in or connected to your home.

Why hire me?

I’ve literally made it my job to find quality, unique design elements within my budget. I can help you save money without compromising great style.

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Here are a few examples of vision boards I’ve created: